Another big chow event is behind us. We are super happy and proud of our fur babies because they did really good with the next results:

Zina Shen Te Chows – 3rd place Baby Class judge Mr Charlotte Norskov Jensen (D)
Life’S Storm Cubiq Cyclone at Shen Te – 2nd place Intemedia Class judge Ms Linda Squires (UK)
Ch Famous N’Know It Shen Te Chows – 4th place Open Class judge Ms Linda Squires (UK)
Ch Fantasy Gin Shen Te Chows – Excellent in Champion Class judge Ms Linda Squires (UK)

59364416_10216013617547450_4730502672308764672_o 59407910_10216013621627552_7770625372189622272_o 59426707_10216013621987561_9103454054574456832_n 59477701_10216013619787506_1854896255159762944_o 59554931_10216013617307444_1974742232313364480_o 59674694_10216013622467573_4669292078306426880_o Zina za site 59721508_10216013620827532_3367514063851487232_o 59750345_10216013618987486_3103541920685621248_n 59810856_10216013616707429_5829411767712743424_o 59812049_10216018062378568_5584998695159463936_o 59874323_10216013616467423_7495499632747741184_o 59921426_10216013618067463_5057166795236966400_o 60041966_10216013616267418_1878872330269097984_o 60141841_10216018064178613_3557893952445087744_n