I was born in Koper (Slovenia) in 1978. After I have finished high school in Porec (Croatia) I have studied at the University of Trieste (Italy). Since 2011 I lived in Croatia, after that I moved to Serbia so I moved my kennel too.
From 2006 to 2011 I was a member of HKS, and from 2012 I am a member of KSRS; and for years a memeber of breed clubs; “ANICC” Italian National Chow-Chow Club and Chow-Chow Club Austria “CCCA”. I live in a district of Belgrade with my family and my dogs. I fell in love with the breed in the ’90 and I got my first chow in 2000.
I started to breed chow-chows in 2006. in Novigrad-Istria (Croatia) and I registrated my kennel under the affix of „Shen Te Chows“ FCI 5523. The first Shen Te Chows litter was born in 2008 and till now we had over 30 litters.
The “dream chow” that our kennel is working towards is represented in lines being used all over the world, bred to be balanced and to enjoy a long life as a result.
As a perfect example I would like to mention our home bred boy MultiBISS Ch Fantasy Gin Shen Te Chows that at the age of only 2 years is already a proud “owner” of 3 all breed BEST IN SHOWS in 3 different countries: Italy, Austria & Slovenia, a multiple JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW WINNER at all breed and Speciality shows, multiple Clubwinner with a lot of Group placements. Only in 2018 he has been judged by 27 different judges with 18 Best of Breeds & 4 Best of Opposite. Gin is loved and handled to perfection by a member of our team; our one & only Eva Brelih. I am proud of each of our achievements and placements on Club Shows all around Europe especially at the Italian Raduno  where our Diamond Shen Te Chows in 2017 became Absolut Best In Show, Famous N’Know It Shen Te chows first in Puppy class, Ch Shen Te Chows Nelly Raduno 2014 – 1st place Puppy class females, Raduno 2015 – 1st place Intermedia class females, Raduno 2016 – 3rd place Open class females, Slovenian Clubwinner, Slovakian Clubwinner, vice european winner’19; Ch Life’s Storm Cubiq Cyclone at Shen Te – KIKO multiple Clubwinner titles, multiple BIS placements and BEST IN SHOW SPECILITY for group V in Croatia. Our Young hope Murano Shen Te Chows, Frodo’s son started his show career in Junior class due to covid problems all around the world and he is already Junior Champion of Serbia, Croatian Junior Champion, Serbian Clubwinner’21 & BOB, multiple BIS placements and as cherry on the top JUNIOR WORLD WINNER’21 & BOS.
Many of our dogs have more placements at Speciality shows and a lot of placements at Club matches, Best in Show wins and a lot of Group placements. A lot of our Chows or Chows bred by us are very successful and this is a huge satisfaction for every breeder as a recognition of our work.
Our dogs are in the next foreign countries: Croatia, Slovenia, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Nederland, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Greece, UK, Belarus, Romania, Canada, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Phillippines, Estonia, USA & Indonesia.
Till now we bred a lot of Champions, Multichampions & International Champions and we always try to get out the best for the breed.
I am International judge for FCI group IV and V (all breeds). I have been judging in several countries at:
- National and International Dog Shows: Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany
- Speciality show for group V in Serbia
- Germann Winner in Leipzig 2015
- Europasieger 2017 Chow Chow’s and group V in the ring of honour
- Chow Chow Ringen Clubshow 2017, Sweden
- Rauno  ANICC 2017, Italy
- Speciality Dansk Chow Chow Klub 2017, Denmark
- Clubshow Chow Chow Slovensko 2018, Slovakia
- 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show during EDS’18 Poland
-National Speciality Show “Золотое Руно – 2019″, 63 Chows entered

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