30th RADUNO – Italian Clubshow and Club Championship 2017

ABSOLUT BEST IN SHOW – TROFEO CHALLENGE “Carmen Sylvia Serandrei” 2017:

DIAMOND SHEN TE CHOWS!!!! Son of Zhorik and Suny.
What a memorable day for us at the 30th Raduno in Italy (202 chows entered)!!

Baby class males (17entries): Diamond Shen Te Chows 1st, BEST IN SHOW PUPPY, Golden Sunshine Shen Te Chows 4th;
Baby class females (16 entries): Grace Shen Te Chows 2nd;

Puppy class males (12 entries): Famous N’Know It Shen Te Chows 1st, Fantasy Gin Shen Te Chows Excellent;

Young class females (14 entries): Etna Shen Te Chows 4th,

Champion class females (12 entries): Ch. Life’s Storm for Shen Te Apocalypse 4th,

Intermedia class males (12 entries): King of My Heart Santa Haus 4th,

Intermedia class females (16 entries): Christmas Candy of the Blue Mystery for Shen Te 4th, Couples: Zhorik & Candy 2nd,

Best Group: Lilly, Zhorik & Candy;

Best Progeny: Zhorik & his babies Frodo, Jamie, Gin, Grace, Chico 

I am sooooo proud of Zhorik’s progeny Congratulations to all the owners!!!!

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